Childbirth in America

If you visit this page, you have thought about giving birth to a child in the USA, and the specialization of AIST USA is exactly arrangement of such childbirth and full support to mothers.

We understand that planning a baby’s coming-into-being is one of the most long-awaited, important, the newest and at the same time, the most difficult periods. That is why the choice of Miami for childbirth is right. And it is also comfortable, convenient and reliable. Please, be assured, that won’t be just a childbirth in America – that is a brilliant, eventful joint adventure with your future child.

How we work:

No extra charges

No middlemen

Customized approach to every family

Why childbirth in the USA with AIST-USA is the best decision:

Florida has some of the best clinics in the country with comfortable wards and cutting edge equipment

Professional, experienced obstetricians and gynecologists, attentive nursing staff

You can choose American citizenship for the child at once

Childbirth in Miami, in Florida, a beautiful sunny state, where the climate is mild, the sand is white and the waves are warm

The opportunity to combine comfortable delivery in Miami with superb recreation, entertainment and shopping

With AIST USA you always get a comprehensive, customized and thought-out solution

We hope that we have convinced you that it is our company that offers a convenient, comfortable, reliable, well-organized childbirth in America, and we are not to shy to say that it will be more than a delivery.

Leave all your doubts and worries behind, from the very first consultation and till parting at the airport before your return home, we take personal charge of all problems, cares and issues that may arise in the course of delivery in the USA.

If you want to learn more about childbirth in America, you are welcome to call us at any time of day or night, we are ready to listen to you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our consultants will tell about all stages of arrangement of childbirth in Miami and give answers to all your questions.