How to cope with the pigmentation on the face

The appearance of age spots on the face – a sudden and unpleasant phenomenon in human life. Basically this trouble happens in women. The pigmentation is not life-threatening, but nevertheless its appearance indicates failures in the body.

The cause of the dark spots is an overabundance of melanin. Why is this happening? There are several reasons for the uneven distribution of melanin in the skin. During pregnancy and after childbirth there are dark spots on the face due to hormonal malfunction in the body. Over time, these spots may disappear when the body is fully restored. Diseases of the internal organs can trigger the appearance of dark spots on the face. Brown spots hint of problems with the kidneys or liver. After applying some cosmetics for the face may appear red spots, signaling an allergy to any component. Some people after 40-50 years may appear dark spots, get rid of that would be very difficult. Prolonged exposure to the sun, the solarium is not very positive effect on the skin, since the ultraviolet rays have a negative impact on the production of melanin.

There are several types of pigmented spots.

  • Freckles – yellow spots that the sun becomes darker and brighter. People with freckles is necessary to use sunscreen.
  • Moles and birthmarks, as a rule, all people have. Remove them only by a doctor.
  • Chloasma occurs in pregnant women and runs independently. In some cases, chloasma indicates the presence of liver disease.
  • Vitiligo – white spots, which are formed from a lack of melanin in the body.
  • Lentigines – brown spots appear in the elderly, in addition, may result lentigo skin exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Eliminate pigmentation can be cosmetics and folk remedies. Fight pigmentation cream will help in the composition of which contains hydroquinone, arbutin, tretinol, beta-carotene, glycolic acid. Use cosmetics to eliminate pigmentation should be with great caution, as some ingredients in the creams have side effects.

It is believed that hydrogen peroxide can cope with pigmentation, but there is a risk of the skin retain moisture. From folk remedies whitening effect have a lemon, parsley, dandelion. A decoction of the flowers of dandelion perfectly whiten the skin when used daily. Parsley can pour boiling water and cool. Then you need to pour the broth into molds for ice and freeze. Every day, wipe the face with a piece of ice from the broth of parsley. Lemon has a good bleaching properties. You can wipe the face with a slice of lemon, you can also make a mask of lemon and honey (one squeezed lemon one tablespoon of honey). This mask should be applied for 20 minutes. If pigmentation can not be overcome at home, you may want to visit a beautician. It will determine the appearance of spots and suitable treatments for all skin types.


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