Opportunities that are opening in America make this country an attractive place for people from all over the globe. Thus, the number of migrants in the United States is the largest in the world. In addition, the size of the territory gives the searchers the opportunity to choose any comfortable climate for living: from the northern windy and sunless (like Scandinavia or Britain) to a sunny summer almost all year round (like the southern countries of Europe).

Therefore, if you seriously consider moving abroad, we are sure that the US is one of the priority options.

The main thing that should be understood at the very beginning is the number of legal ways for moving to America, and we will dwell on them a little more:

  • Annual Green Card lottery

    The lottery quotas are set each year for specific countries and regions, depending on the number of people from these places who received the “green card” before.

  • Reuniting with close relatives

    who are citizens of America. If you gave birth to a child in the United States, he/she automatically becomes a citizen of the United States, which means that you, as parents, will have the priority right to obtain citizenship in order to reunite with the child.

  • Obtaining a work visa

    gives the opportunity to obtain permanent resident status in America, if the employer is able to prove that you and your activities are necessary for the United States

  • People with outstanding abilities

    who gained public recognition (scientists, athletes, artists), can also qualify for permanent resident status in the United States. We think this category does not need a detailed explanation.

  • Investments in the US economy

    (Including buying a business in the US) – investing in a business or buying it with creating jobs for US citizens (it is important to understand that buying a property is not included in this list). There are also a number of peculiarities relating to the amount of investment and your share in this business, which you can find out from the consultants of AIST USA.

When deciding to become a citizen of America, you should understand that immigration to the United States is quite a difficult and troublesome task, and in order to deal with this issue you must definitely understand your path; its technical aspects will be explained to you by AIST USA.